Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning & Logic

The human brain is a fascinating wonder.  It is the living stage where thoughts are born, forgotten and stored.  Millions upon millions of neurons chatter the day away.  For babies, synapses fire at a rate of exhaustion.

Ezra has been learning some new skills lately, including how to push blocks through uniquely shaped slots.  A feat worthy of any 10 month old; however, when the only object within reach happens to be a cherished Mr. Bunny, his budding brain suggests "This too shall pass".  Right?

Interestingly enough, this video is banned in Canada, Japan, Saint Pierre and Miquelon due to music copyright; music which happened to be playing in the background from a Mozart Pandora music station...  Go figure.

Not wishing to take credit for any licensed material, I will thusly acknowledge the source of this enchantingly melancholic music here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


The look on Ezra's face after being told we would most likely not be able to afford to send him to an ivy league college (and that we're moving):

Indeed.  The parents are China-bound and we'll be taking care of the homestead in the meantime.  New places, new friends, new ward, new commute and the list continues.  Updates forthcoming...