Monday, June 27, 2011

Bonsai Bonanza

A celebration of the blessed bonsai was held at the Denver Botanic Gardens not too long ago. The Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society sponsored true eye candy, showcasing several varieties and styles. The age of the bonsai on display ranged from a dozen to over many hundreds of years. It was obvious that none of these beautiful specimens were for sale. Of particular interest was the presentation. The design behind each bonsai was impressive. Many of the plants were accompanied with detailed moss cropping, bamboo backdrop and unique display stools. So without further adieu ladies and gentlemen, commence your drooling:

Japanese Maple

Dawn Redwood

Chinese Elm

Windswept style (Juniper sp.)

Another Japanese Maple

Dawn Redwood

Ponderosa Pine?


Trident Maple

Forest or Raft style (Chinese Elm)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Concerning Marmots

A marmot? What in the world is that? I asked myself these questions after spotting a sign for marmot crossing near Aspen, CO:

Marmots, one of mother nature's lesser-known creatures, are in the same genus as the ground squirrel. I think of them as large, pudgy squirrels that feed on grasses, flowers and berries in mountainous regions. According to the sign, marmots come in two different sizes: strangely large and freakishly huge. Of their typical behaviors, they seem to enjoy sitting on large rocks and mocking passers-by.

Therefore, when in Rome... do as the marmots: