Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Eatin' Time

I heard some staggering statistics today about the rising costs of health care. Approximately 9 cents of every dollar spent on health care goes toward treating obesity-caused illnesses, culminating in a whopping 93 billion dollars every year! I read such findings and wonder how is it that some people can pack on weight effortlessly while other people, like me who go to extraordinary effort, manage only to evaporate weight by way of processing a few brainwaves and ka-ZAM it disappears into 'thin' air. Well, patience is a virtue I suppose. The journey of a thousand juicy meatball sandwiches starts with just one bite, and I intend to finish that journey.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Consider the Lilies...

Quick Update to my peeps: I accepted a job offer with Lockheed Martin in Boulder, CO starting in the not-too-distant future. So as my eastern excursion comes to a close, I've reflected upon some of the things I've learned while in this beautiful part of the country. There are spiritual giants living in Binghamton NY. People that give unselfishly of their time, talents and everything with which they have been blessed to comfort and give aide to others.

Yesterday I was privileged to experience the wonders of modern medicine in the form of a technologically modified garden hose. Jamming this pricey contraption down my esophagus yielded no buried treasure or other abnormalities which in one way is comforting to know. A good sister in the ward drove me to and from the hospital, wrote down the doctor's diagnosis, and made sure I had food to eat at home. This and many other acts of genuine kindness have taught me that the Lord is truly mindful of the needs of His children and that through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, each of us can help build the kingdom of God. His tender mercies are all around us once we awaken our spiritual eyes to behold and receive them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Be Excellent To Yourselves

For some time now my health has been anything but regular, though lately I've found a few ways to keep my mind and body at ease. Morning and afternoon walks through nearby Highland Park are relaxing, but add some pseudo Tai Chi Yoga and you've got a world of awesomeness. I always stop at my special post and begin warm-ups followed by an improvisatory routine of Tai Chi, learned from a DVD I ordered at, coupled with brief and simple Yoga poses found on the internet. In a strange way I feel like Rocky as he trains for the next big fight or Karate Kid as he balances on a pier, striking a sweet pose, and peering out into the deep expansive ocean. Sure the onlookers probably wonder what that tall skinny white dude is up to, but to me, I only hear the soft brushing of leaves in the wind. But enough soliloquy, go to your happy place(s)!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Que pasa conmigo?

My body is trying to tell me something important, though in a foreign language. I'm just trying to figure out how a 27 year old, relatively disease-free individual, could contract a 2+ week episode of furiously constant (nigh unto insanity) heartburn having no prior history of acid reflux? Diet changes and acid-reducing drugs seem to have only temporary effect.

I suspect fowl play.