Saturday, January 22, 2011


When you think of the word "freedom", certain ideas come to mind. The ability to make choices and freedom from oppression or confinement. I submit an addition to the list: Freedom from pesky credit unions.

Story goes: when moving from Upstate New York to Colorado, I "attempted" to close out my account with the local bank; however, their mystical "you-need-us" powers were too great for my gullible defense. So during and after the move, I simply forgot about it and found a new bank. Fast-forward two years and I discover that I am now in debt to said credit union, on account of a policy stating something to the effect "in the absence of a monthly direct deposit, we will deduct x dollars from your account".

I grudgingly pay the amount due, and interestingly enough, have certifiable proof of riddance in the form of a one cent check! Now the question bears mentioning; what things can you buy with a penny?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Boldly Go

Last week's Family Home Evening (FHE) was my turn to prepare the lesson and activity. I admit I hadn't given much thought to it so when the time came, I had to improvise. Eyeing a certain cut-out template in the corner of the room, it was only a matter of time before Book of Mormon passages aligned themselves to form the framework for a lesson. The prophet Lehi was commanded of the Lord to depart Jerusalem and with his family, take journey to a promised land. The lesson was good, and the application simple:

By faithful obedience in keeping the commandments, the Lord prepares a path for us to cross our individual "seas" (obstacles) wherein we will be led to "better lands" (finding greater spiritual fulfillment and joy).

And for the activity, rather than building a sea-bearing vessel to cross the great ocean, I thought it only fitting that we construct the Orion Crew Exploration Capsule to cross the immensity of space; all from a cut-out!

The ensuing activity turned into a lesson of extreme patience, as many tiny and fragile pieces needed to be carefully removed and folded with surgical precision. Twice, the space vehicle was rushed to the high bay for advanced welding repairs (scissors & tape). After an hour I awoke the wife, already suffering the drowsy effects of four dimensional space travel, to christen the HMS Liahona. Great Success!