Saturday, October 16, 2010

Engineering Marvel

Swiss engineers completed the world's largest tunnel Friday, drilling through the last few feet of rock needed to complete the 35.4-mile tunnel underneath the Swiss Alps, the Associated Press reported.

The drill bit used to carve the last few feet of solid rock is a pretty spectacular sight. Take a look at the video feed here.

In passing-by, I had the opportunity to meet with the world's largest drill bit and ask a question:
D: What manner of machine are you that can summon up rock without chisel or hammer?
T: I... am a drill bit.
D: By what name are you known?
T: There are some who call me... 'Tim'...?
D: ...greetings, Tim the Drill Bit.

In other news, I learned you can post just about thing in Craigslist, including a post soliciting exotic and ancient lumber for furniture-intended purposes, submitted by yours truly.


Jane said...

Those Swiss guys sure are clean and presentable for being under the Alps drilling.

Anonymous said...

This is a spectacularly random post.
I like it.