Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Wildly Unpredictable Colorado Weather,

I realize you get bored on occasion and like to "spice" things up. Well, today was totally unacceptable. Your brief 50+mph out-of-no-where wind gush projecting a plethora of horizontally-focused ice/rain pellets on an otherwise beautifully calm sunny day was not appreciated in the least.

Soggy Pants in Cubicle-land

On the brighter side, I now have a new-found respect for the Mormon pioneers who, despite great odds, trekked across an untamed wilderness, with guiding faith in the Savior. Exercising such faith as this is deserving of Heavenly blessings.

Fortunately tonight, there be a fiddler in this camp to provide vital mental medicine.


Jane said...

It's true. I cannot imagine what walking across the country must have been like. No roads, no path even. Crazy.
Maybe that'll be one of my kernels this year. Thankful I was born now and not then.

Anonymous said...

Question. Soggy cubicle pants? From walking from car to building OR from biking to work? That was a doozy of a storm. And one of the fastest moving destructive storms I've seen.
Glad you came out of it safe & sound, albeit soggy.