Saturday, June 18, 2011

Concerning Marmots

A marmot? What in the world is that? I asked myself these questions after spotting a sign for marmot crossing near Aspen, CO:

Marmots, one of mother nature's lesser-known creatures, are in the same genus as the ground squirrel. I think of them as large, pudgy squirrels that feed on grasses, flowers and berries in mountainous regions. According to the sign, marmots come in two different sizes: strangely large and freakishly huge. Of their typical behaviors, they seem to enjoy sitting on large rocks and mocking passers-by.

Therefore, when in Rome... do as the marmots:


Jane said...

I saw a car with a "nice marmot" bumper sticker the other day. I realized I did not even know what one looked like. Now I do. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It would seem that marmots have a deadly inclination to play "chicken" across mountain highways when they hear the sound of four-rubber-wheeled creatures roaring in the distance. Hence, we see yellow-diamond warning signs for their protection. I wonder how many dearly departed marmots it took before CDOT felt the need to warn drivers of their propensity?