Sunday, July 20, 2014

Character building

Having evicted the previous subterranean tenants from our front yard (i.e. aspen roots), I couldn't help but feel great satisfaction knowing that with each individual swing of the axe that I had persevered the bruising botanical bout.  Yet Nature has a funny way of reminding us that the game is far from over.  After the soil was prepped, I went about seeding the front yard with a hearty fescue blend.  Unbeknownst to me I wasn't the only one at work.  Upon hearing of the new digs in town, a conference was quickly convened by members of the Digitaria genus (crabgrass) in which it was unanimously agreed to catch the next draft over and start a rumble.  Upon discovering their nefarious plan, I armed myself with a trowel and went to work.  I cannot yet report triumph, but I can say that there is joy to be had in the journey.  Though I may be hopelessly outnumbered, each stroke of the trowel and yank of the weed brings a certain peace.  Looking at the bigger picture of life, it is because of agency, or the gift to choose for ourselves, that we can wield the power to become and fill the measure of our creation.

I have work enough to do, ere the sun goes down.


Jane said...

Isn't crabgrass the worst? That stuff can grow anywhere in any condition and under much duress.
Crazy green pieces.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd seen crab grass before. But never have I seen the kind of crab battalions invading your tender front acreage. They be the biggest, meanest, fastest-growing demons I have yet beheld. Best o luck holding the green demons at bay.