Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breckenridge in August

The August heat proved to be a perfect excuse to run away to the mountainsOur timing happened to correspond to the annual USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Breckenridge, CO - which meant we were captive festival goers for two days.

Riding the Gondola express

A grand day to be on a duck


 Duck wrangler

The chilluns feeding a frenzy of trout

 Maren the ever giving sister and work-horse

Our spot conveniently located in front of a toy store


Ezra found a cowbell on the street and joined in the merry making

 Maren pooping during the peak excitement of the race

Catching the #1 individual time trial (18 min 11 sec in 8.5 miles up and around Breckenridge, CO)

View of Main street after the crowds disperse

A respite alongside the river front

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for an update of your beautiful family. Great photos. Marvelous memories.
The hills are alive with the joy of your family.