Friday, January 23, 2009

Got Power?

Growing concern of harnessing enough cheap and reliable energy in the world today has many wondering what is to be done. For centuries, man has relied heavily on the decomposed remains of the dinosaurs (and their breakfast) to heat his home and cook his stew. This murky goo, together with Santa's naughty list stocking stuffers and natural 'essence of bean' reserves, supply roughly two-thirds the world's electrical power today, however, each of these sources will eventually 'run dry' in the sense that one day in the not-too distant future when little Tommy comes home from school and turns on his favorite television cartoon "Mutant Parasitic Invaders from Mars," all of a sudden the screen will go dark as with every other fossil fuel dependent outlet, just when it is starting to look good for General Mucus and the Nasal brigade.

The push for 'greener' technologies is becoming more promising as scientific breakthroughs hurdle once-formidable physical barriers yet despite this, their price tags become even greater obstacles. So in the end, what is to be done you may ask? I think we stay the R&D course, build more nuclear energy plants, and in the words of Civil War Admiral David G. Farragut: "D*** the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"


Anonymous said...

AHH?! I liked "One Lump or Two".
Very clever. This title is too.
What does a dinosaur eat for breakfast...besides other dinosaurs?

Jane said...

Thank goodness someone else has sense. I've been a fan of neuclear power for a long time but all I hear from science type people is "Chernobyl, Chernobyl, Chernobyl..."
Surely we've gotten better since then?

Jane said...

Of course, though I'm a fan, I can't spell it...nuclear that is.