Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3-2-1 Blast Off

The space shuttle program is due to end this year. The 28.8 million dollar paper weights are on sale and can be yours for only 360 easy payments of $80k. Do you have a hankering to be the ultimate Top Gun in the neighborhood? Well now's your chance. Already marked down 50% from the original asking price, this bargain may even continue to shed percentages points.

In addition, NASA announced the shuttle engines could be purchased separately (between $400k - 800k each), yet no buyers on the prowl. Now NASA is giving them away free on the condition that the desirous party have the wherewithal to haul them away. Let us consult the pocket calculator; a 3.2 ton engine for free or a 2,237 ton shuttle for 28.8 million dollars. Therefore, as I'm currently strapped for cash and one overly-enthusiastic coworker of mine claims his truck can pull one of those engines, I say road trip!


Jane said...

That's awesome! Where would you put it?

Anonymous said...

'Twould make a mean greenhouse.