Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Mornings

Waking up and knowing you don't have to go into work because it's Saturday is blissful - unless by chance your neighbor pounds on your door at the crack of dawn because there is a strange "hot glue" odor emanating from the lower floors and that the firemen are in transit, on a frigidly cold morning. Well there's always next Saturday...

So what's there to do on a Saturday morning? Try Olympic pancake flipping! I made a thick pancake batter and while mixing the dry ingredients the thought came to me: "If you make it, it will flip." And so after pouring the batter into the saucer I began flipping my breakfast up and down, behind the back, quadruple flips in the air, half of which now decorates the floor. I even snapped a quick how-to clip:

Then I sat down in front of the laptop and began rehashing some sweet chords in Finale to the sound of a string orchestra. I really enjoy just sitting down at the piano and discovering chord progressions - even if they don't play by the "rules". This is what I came up with; have a listen:


Liliya said...

i had pancakes today too:) with blueberries:)

Jane said...

Blueberry pancakes are best.
How do you get such recordings? Is that you playing? And I get goosebumps a lot but how do I know if it's because the cellos and basses are in unison?

Anonymous said...

Hot glue odor...? And it turned out to be...? Anxiously awaiting next installment for details of the mysterious odor. Any damage?
I do love me some hunky firemen. The Rev & I sat in the lobby of a Howard Johnson in N.J.instead of totally evacuating so we could watch the parade of hunky firemen. They did not disappoint.