Saturday, March 21, 2009

Endicott Enquirer

Imagine you're all alone in a thicket of trees. Then all of a sudden, add shooting projectiles whizzing past your head and the adrenaline rush of an impala on an all-out sprint for its life and you get me playing my first game of paintball. Luckily I came out with less bruises than expected partly due to my ingenious strategy - concealing myself entirely behind trees by virtue of my naturally thin frame. To usurp the the rumor, paintball bruises do not hurt - granted they miss the groin, fingers and neck (in that order); however, one of our guys wasn't so lucky on exceptions-to-rumor # 1. Needless to say, I learn quickly from the mistakes of others. Next time I'm bringing a cup - or trash can lids.

I wore a tie to work and caused an office upheaval. Everyone was asking me if I had an interview or a big presentation that day but in fact I had just wanted to wear the new shirt, shoes and tie I got at a fantastic discount from Kohls. In the past two weeks I have spent a pretty penny at said department store acquiring new cooking ware and clothing among other fanciful yet utilitarian items. I am pleased when I find bargains and now that I have 'some' disposable income I can be a little less stringent from my college days of not buying anything that wasn't absolutely necessary* to keep myself alive (*not including Chipotle burritos).

The weather is beginning to smile upon the inhabitants of Binghamton. I hope there's enough time to enjoy the Spring foliage like the autumn colors of last October. Beauteous!


Anonymous said...

Pictures??! This blog shouts out for pix! Pics of paintball combatants. Pics of newly acquired threads. Pics of nor'east Springtime.
Pictures to match your prose...which I does love muchly.
Pictures Pleeease.

Jane said...

I can totally picture you hiding behind the tree - eat something! - but the new threads surely deserve a photo on the blog no?