Saturday, February 21, 2009

Motown Mochi

The popular Motown group The Contours, came through Binghamton this evening on a singing tour of the classic hits from yesteryear accompanied by an orchestra and rhythm section and it was certainly the most unique gig I think I've ever played. These guys shook the roof, thanks in part to modern-day amplifier technology, and did there own choreography all decked out in sparkly suits. We played hits from The 4 Tops, Miracles, and Temptations and it felt like opening a door to the sixties - not that I've been there or anything.

Earlier today I helped make some strawberry filled Mochi - a Japanese desert - with some friends and it was rich in flavor and texture. It also happens to be one of the messier foods to make. There must a direct correlation between the quality of foods and the amount of cleanup required afterward.


Jane said...

Aww, I love The Contours. How awesome are you to get to have played with them.
And I love mochi. Thank you for sparing me from the clean-up. All my mochi shall come from the store.

Anonymous said...

DooWhop Rules.
T'ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby...not to mention the sequin suits. Those fine 'n fancy groups never lose their groove seein' as how some of the original singers are still part 'o the action well into their 70's.

Lynners said...

Mmmm I love mochi too. Never had strawverry, but it sure looks good.
Aunt Lynne